Western Michigan University offers a range of opportunities to study children’s literature in the Department of English, including undergraduate and graduate course work in the field, as well as a doctoral concentration.

If you are considering studying with us, click on the links above to learn more about the faculty and the program!

Students studying at WMU can focus in children’s literature at both the graduate and undergraduate level.  At the graduate level, students interested in children’s literature can earn a Masters of Arts or a Doctorate of Philosophy in Literature or English Education, and as an undergraduate student, majors are available in English with a Liberal Education Curriculum, a Secondary English Education major,  and an Elementary Education Language Arts major. Coursework in children’s literature is available at all of these levels. For more information about courses, please click Children’s Literature Courses.

IMG_7693Students who are admitted into the PhD in English program at WMU can elect to take course work and a qualifying exam in children’s and YA literature. Although our cohort is small, participants benefit from a number of important features:

  • Students have the opportunity to teach multiple children’s literature courses from the second year of study onward.
  • We are the only university program that offers qualifying examinations in children’s literature and in comics studies.
  • WMU’s English Department provides many chances for independent study, including practicum courses to develop teaching expertise. In 2016, the faculty altered the graduate curriculum so that students, in consultation with their advisors, develop a curriculum that best meets their interests and needs.
  • Individualized faculty mentoring in children’s literature is enhanced by WMU’s strong English Education program, so that students have the chance to be a part of a cohort of students interested and experienced in teaching children’s and YA literature at the K-12 level.
  • WMU offers a variety of attractive funding opportunities and travel grants, and students have the benefit of being represented by a graduate student association and the TAU (Teaching Assistants Union).
  • WMU’s children’s literature faculty has a strong leadership presence in the Children’s Literature Association and facilitates students participation in the annual ChLA conference.
For more information and details about the program, please visit our Program Information Page.


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